Parasailing is one of the most exciting activities to do while on vacation in Florida. Thrill-seekers and adventurous travelers will not be disappointed. Even those visitors who are timid will find that parasailing is a very controlled and safe activity. In order for everything to go smoothly, there are a few rules and guidelines that should be followed. While the parasailing provider and instructors will take care of most of these details, there are some steps that participants can take to make their parasailing adventure more safe. One of the most important steps is wearing appropriate clothing.

Parasailing What to Wear

Many people wonder what to wear parasailing. While there are some obvious pieces of clothing that would be detrimental, participants also want to know what clothes could keep them more safe. The best clothes to wear parasailing will keep participants comfortable and mobile. As the weather in Florida is usually warm, shorts and a t-shirt are sufficient for a parasailing adventure. Shoes are recommended but not required. Footwear with more support and covering over the toes adds more protection, but they may only be needed in rare cases. The wind is strong higher in the air, so some guests may want to bring a long-sleeve shirt or light jacket. Most guests wear bathing suits underneath their clothing as parasailing usually comes in the middle of a longer day at the beach.

What Not to Wear

Knowing what to wear while parasailing is important, but knowing what clothing to avoid is perhaps even more crucial. Guests should avoid wearing anything that is too loose or baggy. Parasailing uses many straps, buckles and other pieces of equipment that could get tangled in large pieces of clothing. Participants should also avoid wearing any clothing that could easily be caught in one of these pieces of equipment. While the risk is low, it is still important to remove any possibility of an accident. Flip-flops, sandals and other open-toed shoes are also highly advised against. Although a majority of a parasailing experience is spent in the air, there are still times where toes can get jammed or hurt. Having a shoe can help reduce the chances of injury.


Hats and other headwear are also fine to wear when parasailing. In fact, these are recommended to help protect participants from the sun. Baseball caps and sun hats are always a good idea to take when parasailing. Sunglasses can help protect guests from the strong sun rays. A majority of normal headwear should pose no issue when parasailing.

Utilize Common Sense

Parasailing is a safe activity, but it still must be approached with care and common sense. Most accidents can be avoided with proper caution. Although clothing may seem like a negligible part of parasailing, it can have a large impact on the overall experience. Participants will be briefed beforehand on what clothing is recommended. The most comfortable clothes to wear parasailing may not be the safest.

Now that you know what to wear parasailing in Florida, its time to experience this amazing activity. Destin is one of the best places to parasail in the Sunshine State. Beautiful skylines, sandy beaches and warm weather make for a perfect atmosphere in which to parasail. Due to the recent increase in tourism, Destin is also one of the most affordable places to parasail. Our staff is highly trained and has decades of experience. Call or visit our website today to learn more about our services.

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