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Are you ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime? It’s time to go parasailing! There’s no feeling like soaring over the water like a bird.

What is parasailing?

Parasailing is an experience unlike any other. While parasailing, you’ll glide through the air with a canopy-like parachute while being pulled by a trained captain in his boat.

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How does parasailing work?

Before you get up in the air, you may be wondering what you’re getting yourself into. Each boat has an 800 foot tow line. This means that when you’re up in the air, you’ll be 400 feet above the water! You’ll be able to see breathtaking panoramic ocean views.
After being strapped into a harness by the crew, you’ll very gently take off from the back of the boat until you’re up in the sky. When you’re finished flying, you’ll softly land, back in the boat. You can even fly with a partner, weight limits permitting.

How to Parasail

One of the best things about parasailing is that pretty much anyone can do it. All that you need to be a successful parasailer is an open mind and an adventurous spirit. When you go parasailing in Destin, you’ll see the Emerald Coast like you’ve never seen it before.

What to Wear Parasailing

Many people are concerned that they’ll have to wear a swimsuit and get wet to parasail. While you definitely can get wet if you want to, it isn’t a required part of the experience. When parasailing, you take off and land comfortably in the boat, and spend most of your time floating leisurely above. Just bring your adventurous self and any questionsfor the captain. You can even wear a Halloween costume or a wedding gown. As long as you’re comfortable in it, you can fly.

What Should I bring Parasailing?

When you get the chance to come float over the ocean as gently as a feather, there are a few things you should be sure to bring.

  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Towel (in case you get wet)
  • Sunscreen

Other than the basics, there’s no special equipment or outfit you need to bring. The captain and crew will have everything you need to be up in the air in no time!

Why go parasailing?

If you’re going to be visiting Destin, you definitely need to try out parasailing. While it can seem intimidating, it really is a gentle and easy water activity that gives you awe-inspiring views and a great story for later.
Parasailing is great for adrenaline junkies and people who love calm activities because it combines the thrill of being up above the water with the safety and gentleness of floating on the air. Sometimes, you might even be able to see dolphins and other sea creatures that frequent the beaches of Destin.

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