Parasailing in Sandestin, Florida

The Sandestin resort is one of the most visited locations in all of the Sunshine State. It is a small slice of real estate, but it’s located in one of the most beautiful, picturesque parts of the world, with vacationers enjoying the famous sugar-white beaches, clear blue waters, and beautifully clean air. 

It’s as close to paradise as you can get in the United States and with Just Chute Me! parasailing you can see all of this beauty from 400 feet in the air. You’ll get the best panoramic views and create memories that will lock this location into your consciousness for a lifetime.

Parasailing in Sandestin

With Just Chute Me! parasailing, you can fly to lofty heights without jumping out of a plane or strapping a cord to your legs and throwing yourself off a bridge. It’s a great way to satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie without the extreme risks associated with paragliding, skydiving or bungee jumping.

You will be attached to the back of a boat via a tow rope while a parachute is strapped to your back. The boat will then begin to ride away, pulling you behind it and lifting you into the sky above the Sandestin resort. Our expert crew will ensure you’re safe while you’re up there and you’ll have over 10 minutes of airtime to enjoy the sights and feel the fresh air on your face!

You don’t have to worry about controlling the parachute like you do when paragliding and you can even do it with one or two friends alongside you. All Just Chute Me! parasailing requires between 2 and 3 people and children as young as 6 are allowed to take part, while children aged 3 and above can observe from the boat.

This means that parasailing in Sandestin is something all the family can get involved with, something that is accessible, affordable, safe, and available throughout the Spring and the Summer. 

Locations and Experience

What to know what to do in Sandestin? Look no further than the following address: 4009 S Sandestin Blvd Destin, FL 32550. This is where you will find Just Chute Me! parasailing. 

You will be attached to an 800’ tow rope and taken as high as 400 feet in the air. You can stay up there for between ten and twelve minutes in total, and if you have anyone who is afraid of heights in your family, you can leave them back on the boat.

There is a small charge for all “observers” who remain on the boat and there is also a small cost for the “photo package”, which will give you some memorable snaps of your experience, whether those snaps be of you enjoying yourself and beaming brightly as your soar into the heavens, or looking awe-struck as you gawp at the amazing vistas.

Everyone above the age of three is invited to observe on the boat while those aged 6 can take part in the parasailing itself. However, for safety reasons, we can’t allow pregnant women to parasail or observe from the boat, so please keep this in mind when you book.

Take a look at the Rates & Info section on our website to find more information about our current rates. You can book your parasailing experience directly through our website, using our secure server to make a transaction and then printing off your coupon to handover on the day.

You can also use this section of the Just Chute Me! website to book a snorkeling experience or a dolphin cruise, and there’s no reason you can’t try all three experiences during your vacation! But remember, there are limits to how many groups we can take out over the course of a single day and, therefore, have to operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you need to book an event for your big vacation, do it quickly to avoid missing out.

What to do in Sandestin

Sandestin Beach, Florida, is the height of luxury, one of the most beautiful regions in all of the Sunshine State. Sandestin features over 1,000 rentals, all offering pristine accommodation and providing you with a perfect base from which you can explore this region.

These Sandestin rentals cater to all budgets and preferences, from couples looking to tighten the purse strings to large families ready to let loose. In and around these Sandestin rentals you will find an array of attractions and entertainment options, including golf courses, comedy clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, and more.

And that’s just a small taste of what you can find in this location, because as soon as you want to venture away from the streets and the hotels, you can join the Just Chute Me! crew as we explore more of the Destin coastline.

With Just Chute Me! Sandestin, you can also book snorkeling tours and dolphin cruises. Both of these options are affordable and available through the tourist seasons. You can get up-close-and-personal with the amazing marine life and snap some pictures of the bottlenose dolphins that frequent this area.

Just Chute Me! Sandestin is staffed by some of the most experienced skippers and crew members in the region. They know where to find the dolphins and how to interact with them in a way that is safe and doesn’t disturb them.

Bottom Line: The Experience of a Lifetime

There is so much to see and do in Sandestin and the surrounding areas, and while all of those experiences are memorable and worthwhile, few of them can come close to parasailing; it’s a truly breathtaking experience and one that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age.

Book a trip with Just Chute Me! today and venture out from Sandestin Beach, Florida for the experience of a lifetime. If you have any questions about this experience, or any of the other experiences we offer across the city of Destin, contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help. We also have several guides and blog articles to help you and provide you with the information you need.


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