The city of Destin is home to gorgeous white beaches and beautiful turquoise waters, which is why this gem in Florida’s crown attracts millions of tourists every single year. Many of those tourists are couples and young families seeking a home away from home, taking advantage of the many romantic attractions that make this city one of most charming in the Sunshine State.


If you fancy something a little higher-paced, then try your hand at parasailing with Just Chute me Parasail. This is the state’s leading provider of parasailing and it offers thrill-seeking couples a chance to take their sunny vacation to the next level.

It’s an exciting but safe way to see the waters around Destin, taking you as high as 400 feet for as long as 10 to 12 minutes—more than enough time to get your adrenaline pumping. What makes this even more of a unique experience is the fact that couples can be strapped into the parasail together and be sent high into Floridian skies just inches apart.

There is also a photo package that can be added to your experience, snapping pictures of you and your partner as well as the lush green waters that surround the boat and whatever friendly dolphins decide to make an appearance.

To learn more about parasailing with Just Chute me Parasail, and to book yourself in for the summer, visit their rates and info page.

Sunset Cruise

The Sunset Cruise out of Destin offers some of the best views in the Sunshine State and is a great way to experience all the natural beauty of the FL coast. Destin is hugely popular with sunset seekers, as there are few more beautiful sights than watching the sun set over the bright horizon and the crystal waters.

These cruises take place on forty-five foot Catamarans that have been customized to allow for maximum comfort and leisure—they even have restrooms. You can relax, unwind and enjoy the sights as you wait for the day to end and the sun to dip over the horizon.

The Sunset Cruise is available from Mid-March through to October on days where the weather is permitting.

You can visit the Dolphin Cruise website to make a booking.

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If you can’t get your fill of adventure above the water then it could be time to grab your snorkeling gear and dive underneath it with a Daytime Snorkel. This is a true adventure on the water that includes over 2.5 hours of snorkeling and dolphin watching—more than enough time to snap some pictures of these beautiful mammals above the water and to get close to them and other animals below the water.

The perfectly clear and warm waters that surround this state ensure complete comfort and clarity as you’re escorted to a magical world under the sea.

It’s the perfect adventure for couples of all ages and if you have a young family in tow you can even bring them along. Kids older than the age of 2 are allowed on these tours and you’re also welcome to bring your own snacks to enjoy on the boat between or after dives.

This magical adventure is affordable and accessible, with many dates available throughout the month and at peak times throughout your chosen day. There are friendly members of staff to help you on the boat and in the water, and they can also teach you about the area and the wildlife that inhabits it.

You can use the Snorkel Adventures Destin website to book and pay for your snorkeling adventure, with greatly reduced prices for young children.

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