You have decided to vacation in Florida and enjoy all its offerings. You plan on swimming in the Atlantic, cruising around the Keys, and airboating in the Everglades. In addition, you’ve decided to try out some new things.

The Adventure of Parasailing

One of these is parasailing. You’ve seen others do it before, kiting in the air while being pulled by a boat. You thought it was something you could do that wasn’t too overwhelming. Now that you’ve decided to take in everything Florida offers, the question of, “Is there parasailing near me?” has come up in your plans.

Parasailing in the Panhandle

One place to consider parasailing in Florida is Destin. This panhandle town on the Gulf of Mexico is home to numerous parasailing locations, including Just Chute Me. When you decide to take on parasailing in Destin you get a chance to see Florida in a different way. One that people driving Interstate 95 can’t.

Preparing For Your Adventure

Since you’re a first-timer at this activity, you want to get a better understanding of the parasailing company you choose. There are a few ways to do this for your Destin parasailing adventure. One is to examine Just Chute Me’s photo gallery

The images show past customers who have enjoyed viewing the Emerald Coast from above. They feature people of all ages, including children, who have partaken in this exciting activity.

What You Will Pay

Another item that needs review is the rate sheet. Not only do you find out the initial cost but also any available discounts. Furthermore, this page offers safety information. For instance, we let you know that pregnant women cannot participate in a Destin parasailing adventure.

Rules and Regulations

Further details on parasailing in Florida and across the country come from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They set parasailing rules that we stringently follow to ensure your safety. Here is a sample from our FAQ page so you can be prepared when you arrive.

  • Parasailing Height – The maximum altitude designated by the FAA is 500 feet on a vertical tow line.
  • Weight Requirements – Participants cannot be less than 110 pounds or more than 425 pounds
  • Safe Wind Speed for Parasailing – We do not operate when winds are over 15 mph

Safety for your satisfaction

We take parasailing safety very seriously, especially when Florida weather can turn from calm to stormy in a few minutes. In addition to adhering to the FAA rules, we also have a staff of trained and licensed captains. When you go on your Destin parasailing adventure you do so with a crew trained in parasailing, flight procedures, and boat handling.

In addition, we currently belong to the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA). To be a part of this organization we need to adhere to strict protocols for parasailing safety and operations. In the end, we want your experience to be a joyous one.

And, we want you to return for parasailing in Destin when you make another trip. Learn more about us, our crew, and our operations by reviewing our website. Then, get ready for a new adventure you’ll be eager to tell everyone about.

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