What is parasailing like? This is a question that many travelers ask themselves while deciding whether or not to invest in the trip. If you think you’d like to try parasailing in Destin, but find yourself growing anxious at the thought of flying so high above the water, here are some tips for helping you overcome your fear.

1. Make the commitment

The tagline “Just Do It” is already taken, but there’s something to be said for its simplicity. If you commit to a parasailing trip, you’ll be less likely to chicken out at the last minute, especially if it’s prepaid.

2. Invite friends

Having moral support (not to mention someone who can hold you accountable for showing up) is invaluable when facing a parasailing height of up to 400 feet.

3. Pump yourself up

Viewing photos of happy travelers who’ve already taken the parasailing plunge is a good way to prepare yourself for what’s coming.

4. Read as many testimonials as you can

What most first-timers want to know is, Is parasailing scary? and How does parasailing feel? Reading reviews from people who’ve actually done it can help to alleviate those fears. Try to seek out the testimonials of folks who once shared your fears, but now can’t wait for their next chance to go again.

5. Choose your time wisely

While it can be difficult to resist the allure of sleeping in while on vacation, select an early morning flight if possible. This will give you less time to worry about the trip beforehand, and all day afterward to talk about what fun it was. As a bonus, boat traffic is often lighter in the morning, and the views are stellar.

6. Visualize the trip in advance

Fill your head with thoughts of the moment when you’ll return to the boat, safe and sound, with no mishaps. These upbeat images will incorporate themselves with your actual memories of the trip, bathing the entire event in a positive light.

7. When the time comes, remember to take deep breaths

Focus on your breathing, and tell yourself over and over again that you aren’t in danger. Regulations stipulate that parasailing height cannot exceed 400 feet, so even if it feels like you’re going higher and higher, there is a limit to how far the rope can extend. Once you’ve reached the zenith, enjoy the sights–you’ve earned it!

8. Plan a return trip

If you have enough time to go parasailing in Destin a second time while you’re here, make a note of the location and book a return trip right after you disembark. Another journey will increase your sense of mastery and be even more enjoyable than the first.

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