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There are countless questions that people have about parasailing. Is parasailing fun? How does parasailing feel? Is parasailing worth it? Unfortunately, there are many people who spread falsehoods about this activity. Here are 10 characteristics of people who say parasailing is not worth it. This article should be read by everyone who wants to go parasailing in Florida.

1. Don’t know what parasailing is

Some people simply don’t know very much about parasailing. However, this ignorance doesn’t keep them from chiming in when discussions arise. For some reason, many people will advise against parasailing without hearing anything about the activity.

2. Have never been parasailing

As funny as it sounds, some people who talk badly about parasailing have never experienced it. People have a tendency to repeat what others say. As there is a lot of misinformation about parasailing, people are more likely to spread these falsehoods. Make sure to only take advice from people who have gone parasailing in the past. Their advice will be much more valuable than someone that has only experienced it in pictures.

3. Read one article about an accident

Everybody realizes that the news isn’t always an accurate representation of what happens in the real world. This still doesn’t keep people from basing their beliefs on a few news articles. After reading about one parasailing incident, many people choose to justify their negative views. Although there are only a small number of accidents, one news story is sometimes enough to change people’s’ minds.

4. Don’t like exciting activities

Some people simply don’t like exciting activities. Action sports and adrenaline-pumping activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving and cliff jumping take a certain kind of person to enjoy. While each person should be free to do as they please, many people try to push their preferences onto others. Some people don’t think parasailing is worth it simply because they don’t enjoy it.

5. Don’t do their own research

Parasailing isn’t a simple activity. There is a lot of room for questions. Like all other action sports, it takes a lot of gear, experience and care to pull off properly. While guests don’t have to worry about these specifics, providers do. Many people warn against parasailing without doing enough research to back up their opinion.

6. Have heard negative things from other people

As mentioned before, people have a tendency to repeat things they have heard. This can be true for things heard on the news or from other people. As negative news tends to spread faster than positive news, stories people hear about parasailing are usually bad. It is important to understand where people get their stories and information.

7. Don’t understand the safety regulations

Many people who say parasailing is dangerous aren’t aware of the numerous safety regulations put in place to keep people safe. From belts and harnesses to fasteners and helmets, there are countless safety measures used during this activity. Parasailing fun is safe and shouldn’t scare interested individuals.

8. They are cheap

Some people don’t want to pay to have parasailing fun. While the activity isn’t outrageously expensive, some people aren’t willing to pay the price. Instead of telling people about the prices, these people will tend to talk negative about the activity altogether.

9. They are jealous

Sometimes, people will tell you parasailing isn’t worth it because they are jealous.

10. They are naysayers

Some people simply say ‘no’ to things for no particular reason. Whether this inclination derives from pessimism or anger, it is best to ignore the opinions of these people.

Is parasailing worth it? Is parasailing fun? How does parasailing feel? All of these questions can only be answered after trying the activity. People will always find a reason to say that parasailing isn’t worth it. The best way to find out is to try parasailing for yourself.

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