Parasailing with Just Chute Me! in Destin, Florida

Is parasailing scary? Is parasailing fun? Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a beginning explorer looking to try something new, these are some common questions that might come to mind if you’re thinking about parasailing. Even though feelings of nervousness and curiosity are natural before stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s helpful to know that parasailing is one of the best adrenaline rushes in the world that you can enjoy. More importantly, it’s also a fun participant-based watersport and a safe thrill ride you will never forget.

How does parasailing feel?

After being hooked up to a special harness on the flight deck, you’re gently launched from the boat via a hydraulic system. At approximately 400 feet in the sky, you can let go of your cares and worries to soak in a bird’s eye view of the world around you. Surrounded by crystal clear skies and colorful Destin beaches, you’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine! Occasionally, you might be in for a sweet surprise and see exotic aquatic life like dolphins and sea turtles too. Take a look at our photo gallery for an example of the beautiful lasting memories you can make while parasailing with us.

Is parasailing safe?

Myths about parasailing dangers invite a lot of frequently asked questions about what parasailing is like. For your utmost safety, a life jacket that comfortably hugs your body is provided to you, as well as a body harness that attaches to the tow bar, chute, and towline that runs into the boat. From there, our staff continues to take over and steer. Additionally, we only run our parasailing boats when the weather is clear and bright. Because parasailing is a watersports activity for all kinds of thrill-seekers, you don’t have to do it alone! It’s up to the discretion of wind and weight restrictions, but you can hook up with a sailing buddy to share the experience with. To answer the question if parasailing is safe, the answer is yes! There’s nothing for you to do except to sit back and appreciate the ride.

Who Operates The Parasailing?

Our captains are US Coast Guard licensed Masters and current members of the WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association). We are dedicated in making your adventure exciting and putting your mind at ease with our professionalism and sunny personalities. Learn more about our dedicated team here.

How much does it cost to go parasailing?

Our flat rate for fliers is $45 per person, and for those interested in relaxing on the boat as an observer, our rate is $25. We also offer more information on our rates and info page about special packages for larger groups. If you’re interested in booking a reservation online, it’s best to do it as soon as possible, especially before the busy summer months of June to August. Though we have several daily departure times every day, the boats fill up quickly! For payment, we accept major credit cards.

Where Can I Find Parasailing?

Parasailing in Florida is a must-do experience on any tourist and native Floridian’s bucket list. By now you might be wondering: How can I find parasailing near me? Just Chute Me! Parasail is located in the heart of the Florida panhandle in Destin, FL. Our contact info and directions are located here. Come and fly away with us by booking your adventure today!

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