Parasailing is one of the most exciting activities. It has become a favorite for visitors to the Sunshine State. There is nothing more exciting than floating through the air, feeling weightless and seeing a stunning skyline. Florida is the most popular state for this activity because of its warm weather and extensive coastline. Despite being a popular activity, many people are unaware of what this sport involves. This leads many people to forgo parasailing altogether because of a lack of information. Many visitors wonder how to parasail in general. Some of the most common questions include:

– How does parasailing work?
– How high is parasailing?
– What to wear parasailing?

How does parasailing work

Parasailing can be compared to skydiving behind a boat. Instead of falling from the sky, participants are pulled behind a boat with the parachute already opened. The wind and speed of the boat helps to raise the parachute in the air. Participants are strapped into the parachute with a series of buckles, straps and other secure locking mechanisms. As the boat goes faster, the parachute raises higher into the air. The ride typically lasts for around and hour before participants are returned to the shore.

How high is parasailing?

After learning how to parasail, many people wonder how high the parachute raises during the activity. The average parasailing adventure takes participants 800 feet into the air. That translates to roughly 38 stories off of the ground. However, there are also special parasailing packages that take people even higher. Some providers offer parasailing 1,200 feet into the air. That is nearly 50 stories off of the ground. There are several factors that can affect the height of a parasail. Wind, boat speed and the weight of participants can all impact this height.

What to wear parasailing?

Many people wrongly assume that parasailing requires special kinds of clothing or equipment. While there are some special items that should be worn, all of these will be provided. Helmets, life jackets and harnesses are all provided for participants. Other than dressing for the weather, there aren’t many requirements in terms of clothing. Participants are advised to wear shoes, although this is not required by most providers.

What is parasailing?

Despite being one of the most popular activities in Florida, there are many people who ask the same question: What is parasailing? In short, parasailing is the most fun that anyone can have on vacation. There are countless locations throughout the state of Florida that offer parasailing for a good price.

How to do parasailing?

Every visitor to Florida wonders how to do parasailing. Because the activity is so popular, it is very easy to participate. Visitors simply have to find a provider in the area and book a session. All parasailing adventures leave from the beach and return to the same area. This makes it very convenient for the participants. It is recommendable to call a parasailing provider to ask questions about their specific offers. Each provider will vary in small ways.

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