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Parasailing DestinHave you ever wondered what it is like to soar 400 feet above the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico? To feel the warm breezes on your face and float high over the waters while taking in the sky and all of the spectacular views? You can do all of those things when you book a Destin parasailing adventure with Just Chute Me!

The best part is you do not even need to be an expert to experience the fun of parasailing on your own. You can have all the fun of sailing high over the waters by yourself or in groups of two or three people. If your kids are age 6 or older, they will love parasailing in Destin, FL. It is one of our most popular water sports.

Questions You May Have About Parasailing Destin and the Surrounding Area

If you are brand new to parasailing, here are some frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease.

How long are the rides and what is the cost? From start to finish, parasailing takes about 1.5 hours. Each of our parasailing boats holds 12-15 passengers, all of whom take turns flying two or three at a time. Rates vary throughout the seasons, so be sure to check out our Rates & Info page.

When is the best time to go parasailing? Believe it or not, early morning is the best time to parasail. You may not feel like rising early on vacation, but you might make an exception when you see why. Mornings mean the air is calm, temperatures are in the mid-70s, and boat traffic is at a minimum.

How high will I get when parasailing? The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) limits how high you can go on an 800 ft towline, which is about 400 feet high, but believe us, that is high enough to see everything around you.

What will I see when parasailing? There is plenty to see from high in the air. Expect dolphins, stingrays, sea turtles, fishermen, tour boats, an array of beach umbrellas and lots of tourists waiting their turn.

Can I go on the boat even if I don’t want to parasail? Yes, you can tag along if we have space available, for a small fee.

Will I get wet while parasailing Destin? That is up to you. Just let your Captain know if you would rather stay dry or get your feet wet.

Is parasailing scary? Parasailing in Destin is one of the most peaceful ways to enjoy your time with us. Taking off and landing are very gentle. Parasailing high in the air gives you a wonderful feeling. 

What about weight restrictions? Minimum combined weight is 90 lbs. The maximum combined weight is 450 lbs. For those under age 18, a parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver. Weight requirements may change due to wind conditions and are also subject to our Captain’s approval.

See what our customers are saying…

Ike and Brad were very good. They played good music the whole time and Ike had a really good sense of humor. This was only place in Destin to allow my 3 yr old on the boat. The owner and his son were very welcoming and made sure we enjoyed our experience. We would highly recommend them and hopefully we will be able to come back and do this again. If we could rate them higher than 5 stars we would. –Shane Porreca
We had SO much fun! Even my 60-year-old mom did it! Ike and Jerad were such pros and we felt like we were in good hands from the second we got on the boat. We got to stay up quite a while and the boat ride was almost as much fun as the parasailing itself. If you're in the panhandle and looking for something fun to do, go check these guys out.  –Josie Richardson
Our girls had an amazing time! Brad, with a silent "B" and his first mate Jeremy, aka "Dude", had the perfect mix of professionalism and humor. They made our girls' first parasailing experience one they'll never dunk ever! 5-stars for safety. –Ryan Vander Veen
It's was awesome! Ike and Jared were great and made us feel safe and comfortable. Definitely coming back and bringing all my fam! –Marlene Garcia
We went parasailing yesterday with our family and 4 teenagers. We had a fantastic time and the crew was very accommodating. Jeremy helped everyone be ready and took excellent photos that we brought home. Highly recommend this company!! –Susan Brisson

Let's Do This!

Cross another item off your bucket list!

Destin Parasailing AdventuresWhy Should You Choose our Destin Parasailing Adventures?

  • We offer state-of-the-art equipment that we keep in tip-top shape, certified for your safety.
  • Our Team includes US Coast Guard Certified Captains.
  • You can expect a friendly team, specifically trained in parasailing and similar water sports.
  • We book parties for up to 45 people.
  • Our experience is one you will never forget.
  • We have over 20 years’ experience.
  • Winner of the WSIA Parasail Operator of the Year Award.

Parasailing Destin is one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation here on the Emerald Coast. You take off and land right on the boat, so there is no splashing down in the water, astronaut-style. You are fitted with a special parasail harness, you sit right next to those parasailing with you, and you are gently launched and brought down again using a hydraulic winch system. Nothing could be easier.

We offer you the safest, most fun way to enjoy a morning sailing high above the waters of the beautiful Gulf Coast. If you have never experienced parasailing before, get ready to be wonderfully surprised, and rest assured that we always put your safety first in everything we do, while still providing our customers with the most outstanding activities they can experience.

Parasailing Destin allows you to be one with nature. You will see dolphins and sea turtles swimming, fishing boats coming and going, and the sky changing colors as if you are pushing a button. You will be able to view Florida’s wildlife uniquely when you decide to book a parasailing tour with us.

Do not miss one of the best experiences you will ever have while on vacation in Florida. With our highly-trained captains and reliable boats, you will be in good hands when you book your next Destin parasailing with us Just Chute Me!

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