Parasailing takes you high into the air for stunning beach and ocean views. It is thrilling and safe. The best news is that parasailing can be done nearly year-round (except for the winter months). From March to October, visitors to Florida can experience this easy activity that is perfect for all ages.

Best Time of Year to Go Parasailing

Parasailing in Florida is exciting at any time of the year. However, certain months bring factors that may influence your timing decisions. For example – In September and October the crowds on the beach lessen a little bit. It is much easier to get the time slot you want. July and August are extremely hot in Florida (a perfect time for a parasailing adventure with a dunk). Crowds are heavy and parasailing is very popular. You will need a reservation. During peak season be sure to make reservations 2-3 days ahead of time. One last thing to consider – rain. Let’s face it, parasailing in Destin can be party-fouled by rain. Inclement weather chances are highest in July, which is the rainy month in Destin. The best parasailing in Destin happens on sunny days, when you can get amazing photos from the air.

Let’s say you’ve decided on the perfect month for parasailing in Florida. You’ve arrived at your beach house rental. Now, you are Googling for the best place to parasail in Destin Fl. Lots of companies have popped up. Be sure to choose a company that has USCG certified captains, safe vessels, and plenty of experience. You want Just Chute Me. Our company knows how to keep you safe, while giving you the best possible parasailing adventure.

Best Time of Day to go Parasailing

After determining the best parasailing near me, and the company has been chosen, the next step is making reservations. So, what exactly is the best time to parasail? It’s definitely in the morning. Here are the reasons why a morning adventure is best:

  • Gulf waters are calmer
  • Avoid afternoon showers
  • Glorious sunrises
  • Temperatures are not as hot
  • Boat traffic is light

Morning on the beach are gorgeous. The humidity is still pretty low. The sun is breaking the horizon. Dolphins are feeding in the shallows. Most tourists are sleeping in. All of these are reasons to get up early and fly in the sky. Morning sun is fantastic for selfies with the clouds as a backdrop. Your selfie hashtag – no one parasailing near me! – will make all of your friends envious.

You’ve found the best place to parasail in Destin Fl. You’ve picked your perfect month and day to go. Now, how much will this cost? Parasailing adventures take about 1.5 hours (including boating time). Two or three people can go up at a time, making it easy to go with your friends. It costs about $45 per person. The views, the thrill, and the memories, make it a priceless adventure that will be enjoyed in your mind for years to come.

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