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Welcome to Just Chute Me! Parasail located in the beautiful Destin, Florida! Destin is home to many different choices to go parasailing, but there is a reason Just Chute Me! is rated #1 above all of the others.

Our Team is what sets us apart from the competition. We have a highly trained staff who is dedicated to not only making sure you have the best possible time, but that you are safe while doing so. Our team spends their time making sure everything is running smoothly, while still finding time to make you smile.

Parasailing in Destin is the most fun you and your family can have out on the water, and we are here to show you that. Come join us for a ride, and see for yourself why we are rated as the #1 Safest & Most Fun Parasailing Ride in all of Florida!

Meet Our Team…

Chase, Captain / Owner

1982-2015 He will be missed. Every day. Every moment.

David, Captain / Owner

Hometown: Destin, Florida
David is the serious type. He is a Captain/Owner of Just Chute Me and Flippers Adventure. He works hard overseeing day by day operations. He runs the dolphin excursion boat, and office. On his days off you will find him working on our web sites, working around the house and trying to get a dive in, if weather permits. He is active with his wife and their 3 dogs.

Kevin, HOO / Captain / Owner

Hometown: Destin, Florida
Kevin has been a captain since 2004. Owner of Just Chute Me and Flippers Adventure. He works in the booth meeting customers and gives advice to David and Joe if they ever need it. He works on the boat sometimes if there is a problem ( Joe I Know) not sure of. We affectionately call him Macho Man or The Grump (But don’t tell him that! ).

Joe, Captain / Manager

Hometown: Destin, Florida
Joe is a captain, overseeing operations of our parasail fleet, dolphin excursion boat and office. On his days off you will find Joe paddle boarding with his dog Beacon, scuba diving or just resting. If you happen to see him ask him anything, he always has a answer. His nickname is “Joe I Know”.

Brad, Captain

Hometown: Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Brad came to Just Chute Me Parasailing 4 years ago as a parasail captain, he has many years of captaining boats for he works off shore in the off season. He enjoys surfing and working on tuning his fishing skills. If you need something ask him, he can help.

Tyler, Captain / Customer Service / Crew

Hometown: Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
Tyler works sometimes when he is home from his real job of Dynamic Disc, he’s David’s cousin and will come on a short notice if we need someone. Tyler is enjoying traveling around the countryside putting on Frisbee Golf Shows. Look close sometime you might see him working on our new Flippers Adventure boat. On his time at home he enjoys going to Orlando to the theme parks with his wife Jamie and the kids.

Ike, Captain

Hometown: Destin, Florida
Ike is a great captain on our parasail boats who (as you can tell by the photo) is right at home on the water. He loves to meet new people and is a laid back guy who never misses an opportunity to crack a joke. On his days off Ike can be found hanging loose on the beach and paddle boarding in the waters of Destin. Ike is currently working towards becoming a captain to operate a boat for Just Chute Me!

Jeremy, Captain

Hometown: Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
Jeremy, a.k.a. “The Dude”, was born and raised in Florida. He loves working at Just Chute Me and Flipper’s Adventures, his heart is always on the water! On his days off you can find him in the water somewhere or riding motocross. No negative Nancy’s allowed around this guy, he always keeps a smile on his face! Jeremy is currently working on his captains license.

Rachel, Customer Service / Crew

Hometown: Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
Rachel is back for another fast paced time at Just Chute Me and Flippers Adventure. She will be working in the booth and also working on the New Flippers Adventure Boat as a crew.

Lucky, Customer Service

Hometown: Destin, Florida
Lucky will meet you with a smile and always wanting a pet on the head.

See what our customers are saying…

Ike and Brad were very good. They played good music the whole time and Ike had a really good sense of humor. This was only place in Destin to allow my 3 yr old on the boat. The owner and his son were very welcoming and made sure we enjoyed our experience. We would highly recommend them and hopefully we will be able to come back and do this again. If we could rate them higher than 5 stars we would. –Shane Porreca
We had SO much fun! Even my 60-year-old mom did it! Ike and Jerad were such pros and we felt like we were in good hands from the second we got on the boat. We got to stay up quite a while and the boat ride was almost as much fun as the parasailing itself. If you're in the panhandle and looking for something fun to do, go check these guys out.  –Josie Richardson
Our girls had an amazing time! Brad, with a silent "B" and his first mate Jeremy, aka "Dude", had the perfect mix of professionalism and humor. They made our girls' first parasailing experience one they'll never forget...best dunk ever! 5-stars for safety. –Ryan Vander Veen
It's was awesome! Ike and Jared were great and made us feel safe and comfortable. Definitely coming back and bringing all my fam! –Marlene Garcia
We went parasailing yesterday with our family and 4 teenagers. We had a fantastic time and the crew was very accommodating. Jeremy helped everyone be ready and took excellent photos that we brought home. Highly recommend this company!! –Susan Brisson

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